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Businesses have a legal obligation to keep good records and ensure all necessary accounting returns, filings and due taxes are made on time and ARE ACCURATE.
Our Business
Why have forensic services in the title? A rhetorical question is perhaps an odd way to introduce the business and Barbara's team...

This however is the key to Barbara and her team's approach. Sometimes we receive clients in a right business state with all sorts of problems and financial challenges - often these are very strong businesses that simply have got in a mess for whatever reason. The KEY is to forensically look at the banking and base records - whatever exists - and reconstitute a complete and accurate set of accounts and returns. This ensures the clients pay the taxes due along with any relevant and fair penalties.

Our aim is to help you never get [back] into a mess with your taxes, records and paperwork. If your running your business well - we are sure we can help you become even more successful - afterall Barbara and her team manage a client portfolio with a total turnover into seven figures...
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Our Business Philosophy

  ¤  Communication
  ¤  Honesty
  ¤  Accuracy
  ¤  Knowledge
  ¤  Fairness

We have a large number of clients and as such we aim to ensure all commitments and key dates are met on time. Overall though we will seriously help any business person that is in dire need of our help and prioritise as much resource as is sensible to help them through their difficulties.

After all this country has a crucial set of businesses in the SME and Sole Trader category which are not only vital to the Economy but are the key employers and manufacturers of the UK. They are most certainly a crucial part of the machinery of the UK - hence it is vital their financial records and instruments are right, truthful and accurate.

Our commitment is to offer as much help and support as is necessary to ensure business decision making, credit control and taxation are pitched correctly in the business and allow the business person to get on with what they do best - their core/key skill of their business....
Our Team: We have a small team that has a lot of experience in many differing aspects of business and the records they legally should keep. We aim to help you understand them and support you in ensuring you actually do them and the content is accurate and right. Barbara, with over 30 years experience, is both well known and well respected. She is supported by Tina who has a great set of experience and over 20 years experience in accounts and bookkeeping. Teresa likewise with over 15 years. Our subcontract for IT/Services brings Andrew and Ian into the team now and then to ensure we are secure, have great facilities and robust IT/ICT in order to support your needs.