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It's Your DATA and it MATTERS...

Your privacy is protected from the first contact to the business. We have put careful processess and partitioning of Data to ensure that you can rely on the handling of that Data is used and further created to underpin each and every service. Contact Us to fully understand these policies and proceedures. They are only shown in outline below;

We segment this Data carefully and use various security techniques that you will normlly only find in use in the high grade Government and Defence sector. All access is carefully logged as are printers and their use, We use techniques to work out even if someone has attempted or succeeded to download this Data to a USB device in the computers [typically we don't allow this and have stringent safeguards in place].

From that initial contact we run a process that results in you signing up to our T&Cs of service [which includes privacy terms] or your data is deleted. We do not market out to clients, nor do we use this Data from old leads to market in any way. Our phone systems and phones delete this data on a six monthly basis, unless you are a client and then it is kept for as long as you are a client, or that depicted by statute. Should you be attempting to solicit service(s) for unlawful taxation or business activities then we reserve the right to use that given Data with HMRC and/or Law Enforcement Agencies to report such.

At annual intervals we check that your Data held is correct or at any interval depicted by the date(s) and/or frequency of the statutory returns and filings that are made with you. Each and every one of these returns your consent will be sought as you as the client are lawfully responsible for their content and accuracy.

Like any other business we have administration, payroll, employees and from time to time CVs sent to us, our policy is to hold such securely and limit access. Speculative CVs will be deleted after six months and will not be held on-file unless the individual resend such every six months.

Archiving of client files is done after the anniversary of the previous year, so we can return these to the client so they may securely store such records, files and Data for their business, company or personally as is lawfully required. We secure backups of Data in both fire-safes and other secure means. As a policy (and aside from how this may be delivered to us), we do not process or put Data into any cloud based archive, service or application.

All of our IT is maintained under contract with resource(s) that have been scrutinised by Her Majesty's Government and we have assured ourselves that the rigor of the management of these are done to high professional standards.

Your rights are summarised here.... 
As part of the new GDPR regulations we have just adopted our new T&Cs on 25th May 2018 which are v3 2018. We have always deleted your records from our systems upon a client request or leaving {save for that we legally must keep}. From 25th May 2018 those leaving on or after this date, we will additionally always provide our clients with their data in the prescribed open data formats and then at day 28 after leaving we will then delete this data as before {save for that we legally must keep}.

For Subject Access Requests you may
Contact Us free of charge* {GDPR allows for charges in certain circumstances - if so we will advise upon confirmation}. We are moving over this year to our Limited company{same name} and the Sole Trader will then be no more. Our new LTD ICO registration number is ZA399936, and our S/T ICO registration is ZA399772.